What does a traumatologist do?

Traumatology is closely related to orthopedics, which is why they mostly occur in tandem. However, they should not be confused with each other. Both traumatology and orthopedics deal with the treatment, as well as diagnosis, of such conditions, which involve injuries to bones, as well as damage to vessels, muscles and nerves. They are dealing with the entire musculoskeletal system and related injuries. One could even say that traumatology is in a sense a broader development of orthopedics.

What is Traumatology?

It is one of the departmentsoIn medicine, and more specifically surgery, especially trauma surgery. Focuses on the causes of traumaow and on their treatment, mechanisms and, most importantly, effects. Traumatology deals with roalso the nervous system, whichory wspoplays with the entire musculoskeletal system and concerns a field such as neurosurgery. Traumatology enters roalso in the composition of pediatric surgery.

What traumatology is concerned with?

Traumatology diagnoses congenital defects of the musculoskeletal system, and also deals with postural defects, whichore are related to the spine and stop. It also deals with the treatment of traumaoIn related to bones, such as. Bone cancer, bone infections, necrosis, nerve infectionsow etc. I am interested in roAlso fractures, bone dislocations, joint dislocationsow. The attention of the headownly targets spine, bones, nerves and joints. It is particularly relatedolnie with physiotherapy. All treated injuries require long rehabilitation.

What conditions a traumatology doctor treats?

  • Discopathies, or bole of the spine revealing itself in the lumbar region,
  • Spinal degeneration, or wear and tear and degeneration of tissues, ktore form the connection of the vertebraeow,
  • Impaired bone mineralization, or deficiencyor componentoin mineral, making fractures worse to treat,
  • Scoliosis and kyphosis, or back problems, and the mainownie its curvature, whichore disrupts correct posture and figure.

And also many other diseases, whichore indicate problems with bones, spine, nervous system, as well as joints.

On the human skeleton is based the entire body, posture, wspohe plays an important role in human muscles. All of this, therefore, is under the watchful eye of a traumatologist.

How treatment is carried out in traumatology?

The task of the traumatologist is to diagnose the patient on the basis of previously shown, as well as ordered tests. Then treatment, on whichore will decide after reviewing the results of the. It is common to recommend rehabilitation in an appropriate form, especially for injuries, fractures, a roalso in congenital defects. You can learn more at: https://carolina.en/clinic-orthopedics-and-traumatology/.

Traumatology, zarowno how orthopedics deals with the mainownie the posture of a person and his bones. Orthopedics focuses on simpler forms of injuryow, such as. fractures. Traumatology is a more developed field and emphasizes the treatment of many diseasesob, degeneration. However, both fields are extremely important in medicine and complement each other, thus helping with correct diagnosis.