What Can be Done with a Hand Blender

A hand blender has long appeared in the kitchen, but not all women are familiar with its capabilities. From this article, you can find out what you can do with a submersible blender and what advantages it has.

Benefits Features

Most housewives compare blenders with food processors, so they believe that they do not need the first option. However, despite the similarity of devices, they have numerous differences.

The benefits of a blender:

  • in this device there are options not only from the food processor but also from the mixer, along with a manual “crush” to create mashed potatoes;
  • the unit has small dimensions, which indicates its mobility;
  • quick assembly;
  • since there are knives in the device, you will not need numerous nozzles;
  • high performance.

What a blender can do:

  • finely chop vegetables, fruits, meat in any form (except frozen);
  • mashed products;
  • mix the components to create a sauce, mayonnaise, cocktail.

To mash hard foods, you need to first cut them into small pieces by adding a small amount of water. With this manipulation, the device can easily turn products into a puree state.

If you have acquired a submersible model, then you can grind with it different types of vegetables and fruits in any containers. Such a blender has a small size, many options, and can in a short time mashed any products. Such a device will be indispensable if you regularly make mashed soup, smoothies or various sauces.

How to Use

Many manufacturers recommend using the device in order to grind not very hard types of products. This suggests that you do not need to grind crackers, coffee beans and frozen pieces of meat in the device. However, there is a little trick. For example, if your recipe indicates that you need to use small pieces of celery root, then a small amount of liquid should be added to the bowl. As a rule, there are special cups or glasses in which the products are loaded. If you plan to use other bowls, be aware that splashes will appear during use.

The minimum mark of loading should cover the lower leg, which is engaged in cutting. It is also impossible to engage in cutting freshly boiled raw materials. Wait for the food to cool to at least 70 degrees. Before whipping, you should check the fruits and vegetables for seeds. If you cannot decide at what speed the blender should be used, start with the minimum gear, gradually increasing the speed.

If your device has a whisk, it is designed to whip proteins. In stationary blenders, this function is not. In this matter, submersible models bypass stationary ones.

To choose the most suitable model of a submersible blender, you need to take some characteristics into account.Consider the following parameters:

  • power level. This indicator affects the speed of work. The higher the power, the less time you spend on grinding;
  • additional nozzles. Many manufacturers offer interchangeable nozzles complete with units. There are models with a whisk, a nozzle for chopping ice, with special knives and other additions. Decide what you will do with the device, then choose a blender;
  • the weight. Submersible devices will always be in the hand, so this item has significance. Get the device that is comfortable for your use;
  • the material of which the “leg” of the device is made. The strength of the material affects reliability. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the fact that metal models will have a more substantial mass;
  • the presence of containers. Although you can use a blender in any pan, manufacturers add several bowls to the kit. Glass and plastic bowls are convenient in that you do not need to look for suitable utensils for whipping or slicing. There are also special containers for shredding, whipping or cutting solid products.

Choose a hand blender with all responsibility in order to remain satisfied with your purchase. If you make the choice correctly, then this device will become a reliable ally in the cooking process.

Nozzle Functionality

Each blender may have several types of nozzles. Many housewives wonder: what is the purpose of this or that type of nozzle.

Be sure to have a nozzle on the leg. It helps to mash various varieties of products, and also mixes the ingredients for the sauce. Some devices are equipped with a special whisk, with which you can beat eggs, and there is also a bowl with a small knife-mill. This supplement will help chop nuts, as well as grind meat with vegetables.

There are devices in which interchangeable nozzles are present, cutting pieces of different shapes. If you purchase a similar blender, then get rid of the need to buy a food processor. In stationary devices, there are special nozzles that can crack the ice. If your manual unit does not have this supplement, then it cannot be used for frozen water and juice.


Any technical tool should be looked after. Blender is no exception. The area where the motor and gearshift is located must be wiped with a damp sponge. Never immerse this part in water or load it in the dishwasher! Parts such as the bowl and interchangeable nozzles can be cleaned under the flow of running water. Some models cannot be loaded into the dishwasher, but most nozzles are allowed to be washed in this way, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process.

If you worked with fatty foods, you can use a liquid detergent, then rinse the parts under water, wipe and dry. Washed and dry components are collected and placed in the space provided for them. Some blenders are equipped with a self-cleaning function. It makes it possible to quickly wash the product. At the end of the procedure, you need to remove water and wipe the blender dry.