The Ninth Planet actually exists? Researchers say they have further proof

There may be another planet on the outer fringes of the solar system. This is indicated by new observations of a strangely behaving object far beyond Pluto’s orbit. This is another such report over the past few years.

First strangely behaving objects at the edge of the solar system spotted even before the hypothesis of the existence of the Ninth Planet was made. In 2014, astronomers observed the strange orbits of several small bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune.

In early 2016, much larger objects with similarly strange orbits were spotted, whichorych behavior indicates that it may be affected by the gravity of an even larger object. Researchers have suggested that such a warping of the orbits could be caused by an object with a mass ten times that of Earth. One possible explanation for these crazy orbits is the existence of yet another, unknown planet in our system.

If such a planet actually existed, it would have to be really far from our star – About 600 AU (astronomical units – one AU is the average distance between the Earth and the Sun, whichora is approximately 150 millionoin kilometerow). One lap of it wokoł of the Sun would take 10-20 thousand years – researchers noted.

These revelations were followed by a whole island of research on ETNO (extreme trans Neptunian objects). Last year, Madrid scientists spotted peculiarities in the orbits of 22 objectow. It should be noted that not all astronomers are enthusiastic about the concept of the existence of the Ninth Planet. Researchers at Outer Solar System Origins warned that the study may have been subject to observational error.

The current confusion was caused by an asteroid named 2015 BP519. University of Michigan researchers behind the discovery describe it as another proofod on the existence of the Ninth Planet. DetailsoA detailed description of the research appeared in the arXiv database. The attention of researchers is drawn to theowas once again struck by the strange orbit of the object.

Visualization of the orbit of 2015 BP519 for cfoThe details presented together with the orbits of other ETNOs. For each orbit, the darker area on the curve indicates the location of ktorym object goes beyond the plane of the Solar System orbits. Photo. arXiv

2015 BP519 is a large object, probably a dwarf planet. Its circulation around theoł of the Sun lasts 8900 years. Researchers believe that the state 2015 BP519 is another intermediate dowod on the existence of the Ninth Planet, whichora through its gravity affects the orbits of other objectsow.

2015 BP519 is not a new object. It was first spotted three years ago, but only recently, after analyzing Dark Energy Survey data, it became clear that its orbit is unusual. It lies almost perpendicular to the plane of the orbits of the rest of the planets of the Solar System. Interestingly, scientists whooers proposed the concept of the existence of the Ninth Planet several years ago, in their computer simulations they predicted the angle of inclination of the orbit of just such an object. This fit like a glove with the discovery.