Sugar does not improve our mood at all

Scientists analyzing data from more than 30 studies have found that sugar does not improve our mood at all, and the so-called “sugar” is not a factor. “sugar kick” is a myth. What’s more, consuming sugar can make us feel less alert and more tired.

A popular myth about sugar was dealt with by scientists from the University of Warwick, Humboldt University of Berlin and Lancaster University. Using data collected from 31 published studies involving nearly 1,300 adults, the scientists analyzed the effects of sugar on rohe various aspects of mood, including anger, alertness, depression and fatigue.

The researchers also assessed how theob factors such as the amount and type of sugar consumed can affect our nastroj and whether engaging in challenging mental and physical activity makes any difference.

The results of the study by a British-German team of scientistsow were published in the journal „Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews”.

According to a study, sugar consumption has virtually no effect on our nastroj and it does not matter here the amount of sugar consumed or whether people engage in demanding activities after consuming it. Moreover, already poł hours after sugar consumption in many peopleob fatigue increased and they lost alertness. Volunteers in the control group whooers were given a placebo, showed no such signs of.

– The idea that sugar can improve nastroj is widespread in mass culture. People around the world consume sugary drinks to become more alert or fight fatigue. Our findings make it very clear that such claims are not justified. Sugar likely to make you feel worse – said Dr. Konstantinos Mantzis of Humboldt University in Berlin.

It seems that any neurological stimulants thatore are stimulated after eating sugar, they are very krotkotrival and do not result in any significant level of increased satisfaction or well-being.

According to the study’s authors, the widely held belief in pop culture that the so-called “cognitive” is not a good thing. „sugar kick” (sugar rush) adds energy and improves concentration is a myth. In addition, this myth may be a factor in the rise of obesity and cases ofoIn diabetes.

– More and more cases ofoin obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome in recent years points to the urgent need to implement evidence-based dietary strategies to promote healthy lifestyles. Our findings indicate that sugary drinks or snacks do not provide fast „fuel supplements” and did not feel increased concentration after them – admitted Dr. Sandra Sünram-Lea of Lancaster University, coopublication author.