Space tourism getting closer. Another successful test of the New Shepard rocket

Blue Origin is a space company owned by billionaire Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon. Blue Origin intends to wkrotce to send the first space touristsow to the so-called. Kármáat – is the conventional boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and space. It passes at an altitude of 100 kilometersow.

A successful rocket test was conducted on April 29. It’s already osmy test for this type of rocket and the second for this particular copy of the New Shepard rocket. The flight lasted 10 minutes and 19 seconds and the rocket reached a ceiling of 105 kilometersow and 913 metersow. The capsule and rocket landed successfully after completing a testow.

The capsule separated from the rocket 3 minutes after launch at an altitude of about 75 kilometersow. It has finally surpassed an altitude of 100 kilometersow and landed with parachutes 3 minutes after the rocket landed. There were five cargoes on board during the flightow associated with research projects, including one NASA.

During the flight to the K lineármáon future passengers will be able to spend a few minutes in microgravity conditions. They will also see breathtaking views of Earth. In addition, they will spend the entire flight in comfort, ktore provides the Crew Capsule 2.0. At their disposal will be comfortable seats located by a huge window and a tablet on which theoon which the most important flight parameters will be displayed.

Highlights from today’s mission. Don’t miss the Nerf ball doing a few backflips in zero gravity. The #GradatimFerociter @BlueOrigin

According to earlier plans, Blue Origin intends to begin commercial flights to the edge of space later this year. The company has not yet stated how much you will have to pay for such a pleasure, but it is estimated that a ticket will cost about $200,000ow (that’s 712,408 in conversion). Bezos says there will be no shortage of takers.

Blue Origin engineers are also working on a much larger rocket – New Glenn. The new rocket is to be roalso reusable. We are talking about the first stage of the rocket. New Glenn is to be an orbital rocket and will be used to launch humans and satellitesoin orbit.