How do you choose a grill?


Juicy steaks, rouge vegetable crusts, fish and all this is seasoned with a pleasant smoky flavor – the most sophisticated gourmets will not resist the temptation. Without the charcoal grill it is hard to imagine a good rest in nature – the smoke and warmth emitted by coal combustion make the dishes juicy and tender, with an unforgettable bright taste.

Are you a foodie and do you appreciate the real taste of meat cooked on charcoal? The most appetizing dishes are obtained after a long languishing period, when every drop falling from the meat enriches the charcoal and the smoke is mixed with a new, brighter flavour. The charcoal grills for your dacha are the best choice – you can relax with your guests during the cooking process or do your homework.

How do you choose a grill?

Most of the charcoal grills are equipped with wheels for easy movement from home to the backyard, and the most compact models can be easily transported alone. In addition, the charcoal grills are the most self-contained and compact – they do not need to be connected to the mains or gas cylinders.

The temperature to which the charcoal can be heated can create the kind of crust on the steak that is difficult to achieve with other types of grills.

How do I choose a charcoal grill for my home?

There is, of course, no universal grill suitable for everyone. After all, the companies-manufacturers are working on creating models to meet different customer needs. Someone needs a grill for a small company, and someone for a huge one. Someone is looking for a durable and reliable option to pass it on to their son when he grows up, and someone is only interested in the coal grill price. To make sure you don’t miss out on your choice and buy a grill that suits you, we recommend taking your choice seriously.

Charcoal grill

The most mobile and convenient option when you have no desire (or ability) to allocate a permanent place for the grill. It can lie in the barn, in the garage or just at home to go on a picnic with you at the right time or become the center of the dacha feast. Its principle of operation is no different from the grill, but the grill is more universal. The lid allows you to cook even in the rain, and the fact that it locks firmly in place means you can carry the grill in your car without the risk of dirtying the trunk. Another plus is the price. The charcoal grill is a budget-friendly way to eat on an open fire with no discounts on its flavour. Moreover, the smoke from the coals gives food a flavour that is harder to achieve in gas models.

Charcoal grill

Gas grill

For the absence of difficulties with ignition and cleaning, as well as the ability to regulate the temperature with the accuracy of the home stove have to pay in the literal sense. Gas grills cost dozens or even hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Gas grill

Even a portable gas griddles will have to pay about twice as much as its coal fellow. Is it worth its money? When it’s about to start raining and you need to put up a tent and cook food for hungry children at the same time, the gas version, which is capable of stably maintaining a given temperature, is likely to be a more comfortable choice. Well, in order to understand what these devices can be capable of, you should pay attention to the top stationary models.

Electric grill

The solution is not only for home and family, but also for the boat. If you are the lucky owner of a boat or perhaps a boat, the electric grill will allow you to cook freshly caught fish right on board in the most delicious way. The smoke from it is no more than from the meat you fry in the frying pan, so it is also quite appropriate in the apartment.

Electric grill


How many guests do you usually receive? If there are more than 10 people, it is better to choose a model with a grating diameter of at least 60 cm. If you are going to indulge in the culinary delights of a family before if the family of 4 people, you can take the grill with a diameter of 50 cm. Small grills with a diameter of 30-35 cm are suitable for a couple. In addition, such a charcoal grill for the apartment is best – you can do the cooking on the balcony or terrace.


  • egg-shaped, like the American camados of the Big green egg grills;
  • spherical, like the classic charcoal barbecue grill from the American manufacturer Weber;
  • rectangular.
Form grill

The most popular are the egg and round grills, because due to their structure they are more economical and compact, and retain heat for longer. Such models allow you to cook any food, whether it’s meat, vegetables or even pizza. You can cook directly and indirectly. In the case of direct grilling, food is cooked directly over coals, but for this purpose it is less than 5 cm thick. Meat, fish and vegetables are only cooked for a short time and have a delicious crust and juicy content. The indirect method of cooking is suitable for products of more impressive size. The essence of it is languishing – coals and food are placed on different half of the grill. Coal separating trays are an incredibly convenient accessory for indirect grilling.

Temperature control

A very important detail for choosing a good grill is its lid. It is the main difference between grills and grills. Thanks to it, we can control the temperature inside the grill. It is non-negotiable that the lid should close tightly – this is the basis for minimizing heat loss.

In addition, the lid allows you to cook delicious dishes even in bad weather when it is raining or snowing.

Airflow regulation

Equally important for temperature control is proper air exchange. It is mandatory to have two top traction control blowers at the bottom of the grill to start oxygen and exit exhaust gases. The draught can be used to control the grill temperature from 130°C to 350°C.

The presence of a thermometer

Some models have built-in thermometers – this greatly simplifies the cooking process, especially for beginners. If the grill does not have a thermometer, it is advisable to purchase one separately. Since you still need to control the heat under the lid.

Materials from

What material is better to buy coal grills from – ceramic, steel or cast iron? Discussions on this topic are led not only by “country experts”, but also by professional cooks. Ceramic models are very heavy, but due to the thick walls of the grill consume little coal, better keep warm. They can be used even instead of a furnace or tandoor, but the price of such coal grills is noticeably higher than that of cast iron and steel.

Easy to use and maintain

Easy to use and maintain

It’s no secret that charcoal grills require more care than gas and electrical modifications. But the manufacturers have tried to make them as comfortable as possible. For example, some charcoal grills have side loading doors during cooking – you don’t have to remove the hot grille.

The removable ashtray makes grilling operations much easier. All ash is collected in one container thanks to the integrated mechanism and is quickly removed from it.

The charcoal grill can be your calling card as a welcoming host and an unrivalled cook. Follow our advice and you won’t be disappointed by the choice – enjoy succulent dishes and vivid flavours among your loved ones.