Effective cure for the common cold? Promising test results

British scientists have tested a molecule in the lab that can fight the common cold. This is not about the next symptom reliever, but an effective cure. The molecule developed by the researchers prevents the spread of viruses responsible for the disease in human cells.

The common cold is an ailment thatoeach of us has gone through many times. Despite advanced medical techniques, the common cold is treated by alleviating the symptoms of an infection thatore usually subsides within a few days, rather than fighting the virus itself. Disease can be caused by more than 200 rothat the virusow, of which the most common are rhinoviruses. These viruses are constantly evolving, and because of this and their abundance, they do not sposob inoculate against them all.

But researchers at Imperial College London have approached the problem from a different angle. Instead of dealing with hundreds of virusesoIn they have focused on the mechanism thatorego viruses need for infection. To replicate in their host, viruses take over proteins in human cellsorics called N-myristyltransferase (NMT), whichorego use to build a capsid (shell) to protect their genetic structure. The IMP-1088 molecule developed by the researchers prevents the construction of just such a „shelter” by viruses.

Laboratory tests using human comorek showed the molecule’s ability to completely block multiple strains of theoIn the cold virus. Viruses target the same protein, so IMP-1088 may be effective against them all. In addition, it can also block related viruses that use the same strategy of action, such as the polio virus or foot-and-mouth disease virus. The results of preliminary testsow were published in the journal „Nature Chemistry”.

The new molecule targets the human protein, not the virus itself, making the appearance of resistant virusesow is highly unlikely.

– The common cold is an inconvenience for most of us, but it can cause serious complications in waspsob with diseases such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). A drug such as this can be extremely beneficial if given in the early stages of infection. In addition, we are working to develop a version of the drug thatora can be inhaled, so that it quickly enters the lungs – explained study leader Ed Tate of Imperial College London.

There have already been proto create a drugoin targeting human comorki than against viruses, but many of them had serious side effects. Researchers have shown that IMP-1088 completely blocked several strains ofow virus without affecting human comorki. However, further research is needed to make sure the new molecule is completely safe for the human body.

IMP-1088 testing has so far been carried out only on comorkach under laboratory conditions. Researchers now want to move on to animal studies, and then to testoin humans.