floor cleaning

How to Clean a Floor

Clean with a wet/dry vac or broom. I highly recommend a broom or vac with little scrubbing capabilities.

Does the liquid cleaning solution actually clean floor stain? In our experience, liquid floor cleaning solutions make excellent spot removers, but it is not the perfect product for floor stain removal. After a liquid cleaning solution is sprayed, the stain will continue to stain on top of the liquid solution. So, you may get the initial clean, but then continue to experience stains. It may not take long for stains to show up.

If liquid cleaning solutions are used on your carpet, should you buy a special carpet cleaning solution? The best floor cleaning solution will not harm your carpet. It will only clean the carpet.

Many people prefer an air drying method, by means of a water hose or vacuum. The floor is wet for about a week or more, and then put in the dryer for a more thorough drying. Most people who are interested in traditional European architecture prefer this drying method over the water being poured on the floor.

What are some types of flooring? In the United States, the most common flooring materials are tile, wood, particleboard, and so on. Both types of flooring and their related products have not been the constant in European architecture since the days when interior flooring was limited to particle board and beams, and iron nails.